Features Designed to Empower Your Church Community

Connect, inform, and grow together with seamless communication tools tailored for today's churches

Dedicated web spot for your events, subscription groups, and sign up forms

Your dedicated spot for member and visitor engagment is custom tailored to your church. Branded with your own church branding, your engage spot is available at your own custom domain churchnname.enagespot.church

Send texts to all your members & visitors

Stay connected with members and visitors with ease. Send out important announcements, updates, or words of encouragement directly to their phones.

Effortless event registrations

Allow members and visitors to quickly and securely register for upcoming events. Streamline the registration process and make it easier for you to manage attendees and ensure well-organized gatherings.

Two-way text messaging

Engage with members and subscribers with two-way text messages - just like texting from your phone! Send messages to subscribers individually and engage in direct one-on-one conversations. Truly personal communications.

Subscription groups

Allow your members to subscribe to text groups. Set up your own groups like General Communications, Women, Men, Moms Group, Youth, and then send custom-tailored messages to your subscribers.

Dedicated event pages

Display your events on an easy-to-use events dedicated webpage. churchname.engagespot.church becomes the home of your events and member engagement

Self-serve subscriptions & registrations

Engage Spot makes it easy for your administrators by allowing users to manage their own subscriptions and registrations. This means individuals can subscribe to groups and register for events on their own without needing any support from your admin team.

Custom forms

Create forms for small groups, prayer requests, volunteer signup, or for anything else that you might need a form. The custom form builder is flexible and simple, allowing you to set up forms with ease.


View incoming messages from members and visitors in a dedicated inbox which makes it easy to review messages and reply.


Receive notifications immediately for various actions like received messages, new event registrations, group subscriptions, form submissions and more. Be notified by email or via third-party integration.

Schedule broadcast messages to event registrants

Just like sending a message to a group, you can send a mass "broadcast" message to event registrants. This makes it easy to send reminders or to provide updates to individuals who have registered for an event.

Grow with automated workflows

Connect with people looking for a church before they even step through your doors. Automated workflows allow you to create relationships and trust with visitors and provide useful information without any manual work.

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