Text Messaging Service Designed for Churches in the United States

Send messages in bulk to contact groups, event registrants, and engage in two-conversations with individuals. Made to work in the United States.

Send text messages to event registrants

Using event registration with Engage Spot for Church means you have the ability to send messages to all your registrants in the United States in only a few clicks.

Reach out to baptism registrants, youth for youth events, send messages to parents before a baby dedication. There are so many ways that Engage Spot makes connecting with your people a breeze.

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Send church-wide text messages

.Email has been a way churches have sent out church-wide communications for years. The problem is that open-rates of emails is usually quite bad! Even for the best newsletter writers, people's email inboxes just aren't organized and so emails can easily be missed.

Church-wide text messages means that you are sending messages that have up to a 98% chance of being opened. So if you need to be sure your people are going to open your message - send it as a text message! Made to work in the United States.

Send text messages to Subscription Groups

Not all text messages need to go to the entire church. For that, there's Subscription Groups.

Subscription Groups make it easy for your people to subscribe to various groups that you set up through your Admin Dashboard. Common groups are "Women", "Men", "Youth", "Small Groups".

Send text messages to these groups as a "Broadcast" message that will reach everyone subscribed to the group.

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Schedule messages ahead of the time

Trying to remember send messages at the right time can be a real headache.

That's why Engage Spot for Church allows you to schedule "Broadcast" text messages ahead of time.

Set up reminders for events with ease and the best part of it is that you can schedule the messages when you have the time to do so and the message will go out at the chosen time.

Direct one-on-one messaging

Communication isn't a one-way street, that's why Engage Spot for Church allows you to converse directly with individuals right from your Admin Dashboard Inbox. Send messages to inviduals as easy as you send messages from your phone.

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