Church events: Igniting engagement with your events

Events are large part of church life and they provide a significant way for people to connect and engage in your church.

However, running events isn’t easy. Between the planning and coordinating, there is a lot of moving parts. Not to mention the need for communication with your teams and your church members and visitors.

Good communication in events is a key component to running successful events. Whether it’s communicating with volunteers or simply informing your church of the event, good communication is paramount.

As leaders in our own local church, we saw the need for a way to effectively combine events with text messaging tools that we had been using in our church. We wanted to create an easy way for people to not only see what events are coming up, but also be able to register for those events online, and then receive reminders or other communications from us about those events. And it needed to be seamless, not spread across different apps where we had to sync contact lists.

That’s where we created Engage Spot for Church.

Engage Spot for Church combines the benefits of church-wide text messaging with events, so that you can directly communicate with event registrants in a matter of clicks, just as easily as if you were messaging one person from your phone.

How Engage Spot for Church helps you run successful church events

Post your events on a dedicated event page

Each public event you create in Engage Spot is given it’s own dedicated event page. This page displays relevant information about your event that can be customized to your liking. Set the date, time, location, and even add a custom about section that describes your event or provides other relevant information.

View upcoming events on your upcoming events feed

Not only do your events get a dedicated page, but your public events will also be displayed in your upcoming events feed.

This webpage looks great and provides your people with the information they are looking for about upcoming events. This page showcases your events with dat and time and also allows them to click on an event to find more information or to register.

Registration couldn’t be easier

Some of your events need registration so church admins can easily enable registration for events directly from your Engage Spot for Church admin dashboard. This allows registrants to sign up for events in a matter of clicks.

Send text message broadcasts to your registrants

Have an upcoming Baptism service and need to communicate with registrants? With Engage Spot for Church you can easily send text messages to registrants of an event.

Select the event, choose text message as your message type, write your message and send! It’s as simple as that! No syncing contacts to another app, no having to send messages one at a time.