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Customize form & signup autoresponse confirmation


Customize autoresponse confirmations that are sent when an individual submits a form or a signup.

Customize how you let individuals know that their submission has been received, or when needed, include links and instructions in the autoresponse with next steps and additional details.

Changing the messages is now possible for both the SMS and email confirmations that are sent and can be done on a form's page in the admin dashboard.

New form template: Contact


The Contact form template has been added to the library of available form templates for quickly and easily creating new contact forms

Cancel scheduled messages


Cancel a scheduled direct message to a contact from their direct message inbox

Form & signup templates


Creating signups and forms is now even easier with Signup & Form Templates. Activate a signup/form from a library of pre-made forms and signups that can be enabled in one click.

Register a contact for an event as an admin


Admins can now register a contact for an event from a contact's page in the admin dashboard.

Change event visibilty


Admins can now change the visibilty of an event.

Available visibility options are:
- Public (viewable in feed & direct link)
- Unlisted (viewable by direct link only)
- Private (not viewable by anyone)

Inbox is mobile-friendly


The inbox is now mobile-friendly and works great for admins needing to work on the go from their mobile device.

Schedule direct messages to send later


Schedule a direct message to send later from a contacts conversation view.

Choose sending phone number when direct messaging


Choose which phone number to send a message from when sending a direct message to a contact.

Rich text for signups & forms about section


Rich text formatting allows you to bold, italicize, use bullets, and more in the about section for your signups and forms.

Add notes to contacts


Admins can now add private notes to a contacts page to record any notable information about a contact.

Quicklink to public website from admin dashboard


Button link to your public Engage Spot website from your admin dashboard for easier navigation from you admin dashboard to the website.

Admin toolbar for logged in admins


Logged-in admin users will now see an admin toolbar when they are viewing their public Engage Spot website. This makes it easier to navigate back and forth from the admin dashboard to the public website.